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Precise Multisport propels triathletes toward excellence. We seamlessly blend cutting-edge data analysis with expert coaching to craft personalized training plans. Grounded in the science of endurance, our approach ensures every athlete, from beginner to seasoned competitor, unlocks their full potential. Dedicated coaches, guided by robust data-driven strategies, partner with you to conquer your triathlon goals, whether it's your first race or a new personal best.


Joshua Gordon

Joshua Gordon, Ph.D., is a passionate triathlon coach with over three years of coaching experience. His passion for endurance sports and expertise in statistics drive his dedication to helping athletes achieve their big triathlon goals. His coaching philosophy is that success in triathlon doesn't have to come at the expense of work, family, or community commitments.

As an accomplished triathlete, Joshua's achievements stand as a testament to his dedication and skill. As of 2023, he has completed seven full-distance triathlons, with a personal best time of 9h09, demonstrating his endurance and determination. He placed 12th American and finished in the top 10% overall at the 2023 IRONMAN World Championship. He also ranked as the third American participant at Challenge Roth in 2023, even among professionals.

Joshua's impressive racing journey also includes qualifying for the IRONMAN World Championship twice and the 70.3 World Championship twice, demonstrating his consistency at the highest level of triathlon competition. His personal best times are remarkable: 36:54 seconds for the 10K, 1:20:26 for the half marathon, and impressive bike splits of 2h08 minutes for the half Iron-distance and 4h40 for the full Iron-distance.

Joshua's passion for data analysis finds a perfect match in the data-rich sport of triathlon. He is excited about the opportunities to blend machine learning and data science with triathlon data, providing athletes with data-driven insights for improved performance.

Joshua's coaching approach is rooted in expertise, commitment, and a genuine passion for helping triathletes achieve their dreams. Whether you're aiming to complete your first race or qualify for a championship, Joshua is here to guide you on your journey to success.


Aubrey Hayes

Aubrey Hayes is a dedicated coach that is passionate about providing all athletes at all levels with top notch training and experiences. Using his endurance experience and 15 years of coaching experience, he ensures success for all of his athletes.

He is a mid distance triathlete with experience coaching athletes looking to complete their first run to Ultra Marathons along with coaching and competing in all triathlon distances.

Aubrey has qualified for the IM703 World Championship, USAT age group nationals, sub 5 hour Ironman 70.3, and Sub 4 hour marathon.

He holds a BA from American Military University, is a career Army Veteran, is USAT Level 1 Certified and Training Peaks Level 1 Certified.

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