Testimonials from the Community
  • Brad

    70.3 World Championship Qualifier

    Since working with coach Josh for the last year I have significantly improved in triathlon. My time at IRONMAN Arizona 2022 was 2 hours and 20 minutes faster than the year prior thanks to Josh's training plan and knowledge about nutrition and race strategy. Ever since working with Josh I have been crushing my race goals, and feeling truly satisfied with the fitness gains. We also have a wonderful team of like-minded individuals who inspire each other.

  • Eric

    Training for his 2nd IRONMAN

    Aubrey Hayes has been my coach since May 2022 when I decided to get back into triathlons. I completed in a Sprint, Olympic and Full IRONMAN in 2015 with only 7 months of training on my own. I was already a decent runner and comfortable in the water, but had zero technique. I never owned a road bike in my life, so I was brand new to cycling. Although I finished the IRONMAN, it took me almost 15 hours to complete and my body was destroyed for week afterwards.

    Since Aubrey has been coaching me, I have already recorded major improvements. I completed the same Olympic tri race in 2022 as I did in 2015 and improved by an easy 26 min overall. At that point in 2015, I had trained for 4 months for the Olympic race, in 2022 I trained for only 6 weeks with Aubrey and improved significantly. I quickly realized without a coach to keep me on track and adjust workouts properly as needed, I was over-training and causing more harm to myself. Aubrey has made training easier and more efficient, especially when it fits around my life!

    In 2015, I was only married with no real responsibility, I have now added 2 kids on top of training and he has been more than helpful in getting me to the fitness level I need to be. I have noticed weekly improvements in speed, strength, and confidence since being coached by Aubrey.

  • James

    Crushed his first at IMTX in 2022

    I did my first IRONMAN, and it took me 11 hours and 2 minutes. Huge shoutout to my coach, Josh - that guy's been a game-changer. Josh really gets what it's like juggling training, work and life. With his help, I crushed my goals and felt seriously satisfied with my endurance journey.

    Now I'm training for 70.3 Oregon in 2024!

  • Rayshod

    Completed his best 10K to date and is training for his first ever Half Marathon. 

    Aubrey has been training me for a year now and I can honestly say he has taken my cardio conditioning to another level. He keeps me motivated and is super professional. He knows his craft and is developing me into a strong runner. 

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