Sam Long's Spectacular Race at the T100 Singapore

Joshua Gordon, PM Coach

In an exhilarating showcase of resilience and strategy, Sam Long not only lit up the T100 Singapore with his performance but also with his unmistakable zest for the sport. Here's a look at how he turned a potential flop into a fabulous display of endurance, wit, and passion.


  • Overall Time: 3:22:38
  • Placement: 2nd, just behind Youri Keulen of the Netherlands, who clocked in at 3:21:01.
  • Splits:
    • Swim: 28:32
    • Bike: 01:48:01
    • Run: 01:04:12

Race Insights:

How It Went Down:

  • Swim: Emerging as the 'first land animal' out of the water, Sam humorously noted his start as not the swiftest but smartest, focusing on keeping cool rather than speeding through.
  • Bike & Run: Transitioning from two wheels to two feet, Sam blasted through the course, claiming the fastest combined bike and run time of the day. His strategy? Not just to pedal and run hard but to "carry the business" with a grin.

Mental Game:

  • Light & Dark: Sam toggled between 'light and dark' modes for peak performance. His revelation? Keep it light and fun until it's time to unleash the beast mode—preferably reserved for the race and not before!
  • Post-Race: What's better than ending a grueling race? According to Sam, "the best party, baby!" His ability to flip the switch from fierce competitor to life-of-the-party is as swift as his transition from bike to run.

Humor Over Hardship:

  • Time Penalty? No Problem: Sam faced a minor time penalty during the race but shrugged it off like a champ, quipping it was more of a "30-second rest" than a setback. Talk about finding a silver lining in a stressful situation!

Reflections on Finishing Second:

Sam wrapped up his race with a mix of jubilation and candid reflection. "Second is an amazing result, and Yuri had a world-class performance... I executed my race plan which would have been good enough for the win, but there’s unexpected and sometimes people have a truly amazing day."

Closing Thoughts:

Sam Long's performance at this T100 Singapore was not just a demonstration of triathlon excellence, but also a masterclass in enjoying the journey. His post-race insights, sprinkled with humor and positivity, remind us that sometimes, taking the podium is as much about mental joy as it is about physical execution. As Sam continues to compete, keep an eye out not just for his athletic feats but also for the infectious enthusiasm he brings to the sport. Who says you can’t have a little fun while chasing after those blistering times?